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Guru Gorakhnath Yogashrama

Strictly disciplined traditional Ashram of Nath yogis now open for public.

All donations based.

Intensive courses of traditional Yoga and meditation under the guidance of real Guru.

Pirji Maharaj Yogi Shambhunathji Rawal and Guru Yogi Sat Nath Ji.

Secrets of Nath siddhas…

Our Story

Only institution of orthodox Nath panth tradition of yogis,

who are the very discoverers and originators of Hatha yoga with focus on disciplined practice of the traditional system of techniques of Yoga and meditation and firstly ever in the whole history is open also for general public.

The disintegration of social morality and the decline of the real values ​​of human life. The intensity of the destructive influence of self-centred consumer civilization on other creatures of this world and the entire planet.

The alarming state in which humanity finds itself…It is leading us to open some of our secret knowledge and experience for public. Perhaps it is not too late and we will be able to raise new, responsible personalities of the future.

His holiness Rajyogiji (a royal elected yogi of our tradition) blessed and supported our noble  mission.
Pirji Maharaj Shambhunath of Rawal panth (one of 12 branches of our tradition) gave His beautiful place for us to use.
And Guru Yogi Sat Nathji (who speaks English) will be the main master of the training.

For this world,
for the good of humanity,
just for you …
and them through You…

Everything will depend on your noble contributions on our transparent account.

You will be also able to witness our efforts by online camera from the site on our Youtube account.

Property given by Pirji Yogi Shambhunath Rawal Maharaj
Guru Yogi Sat Nath Ji, main master of training

Admission dates

daily routine

code of discipline

admission form



Raj Yogi Ji

Pirji Maharaj

Yogi Sat Náth Ji



Beautiful large shady garden.
Guru Gorakhnath temple, Kaal Bhairav and Hinglaj Devi temple.
Samadhi (tomb) of Mahant Laharnathji Maharaj.
Nath dhuna: round holy Nath ritual fire place.
10 triplerooms for aspirants (30 in all rooms plus possibility of staying in halls).
3 halls and other places for yoga and meditation sadhana.
Kitchen, showers and toilets.



On the road to Abeshwar Mahadev Temple in Aravalli hills, Sirohi district, Rajasthan, India.
Surrounded by very traditional environment and culture in a beautiful nature of untouched flora and fauna.

Remote location of 9300m2 of the land and property.


How to get here


A medieval movement based on Hatha yoga and meditation.




Everything is based on Your noble voluntariness.